Friday, March 3, 2017

Orang Muda dapat BR1M Walaupun Tak Layak

Untung la remaja2 skrg sebab kerajaan akan bagi RM1,000 seorang.

Dalam pembentangan #Bajet2017, PM mengumumkan akan memberi insentif rm1,000 seorang bagi remaja2 yang berumur 20 hingga 30 tahun.

Tujuan ini bagi menggalakkan golongan remaja menyimpan untuk masa depan.

Syarat untuk mendapat rm1000 ni ialah remaja mesti meyimpan rm1k ke dalam Private Retirement Scheme (PRS). Simpan duit sendiri 1k, kerajaan akan topup bagi 1k lagi. Total jadi 2k. Dan simpanan ini tidak bole dikeluarkan sehingga umur 55thn. Sekiranya anda mampu menyimpan sebyk RM200 sblm selama 30thn, tabungan anda akan mencecah RM1.4juta.

PRS ni macam kwsp, simpanan persaraan. Ibarat acc ke2 EPF. Duit 2k tu akan beranak pinak sebab dapat dividen dan masa pencen baru boleh keluarkan.

Inilah masanya remaja nak dptkan reward duit bajet kerajaan, tapi untuk rakyat yang belum berumur 31 sahaja ya.

Contoh, umur 30 tahun 8bulan masih layak untuk dapat 1k free tu. Sebab belum masuk 31. Umur ikut tarikh lahir,  bukan ikut tahun.

Cara nak apply ialah datang isi borang dgn saya  (consultant berdaftar dgn CIMB) .. boleh hubungi 0135777260, Taufiq..

Kalau ada saudara mara, adik, sepupu, atau anak yang berumur 20 - 31tahun sila maklumkan peluang ni ye. Rugi kalau terlepas, bajet yang diperuntukan ialah rm165 juta sahaja, siapa cepat dia dapat.

Sila share post ni supaya ramai dapat manfaat. TQ

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Build Life, Not Resume

"once you enter the corporate world its like being a hamster on the wheel and your speed is determined by the speed of the wheel and not your own choice...
Priya Sachdev, 2016

Been a reaaaalllllllyyyy looong while since I last made a time to write here.
There are lots, tonnes, millions of ideas & lines & topics stream through my mind everyday while driving or doing anything, but never really got to sit in front of this keyboard and knock the letters I should.

Well.. 2016 on its edge. While already been looking forward for 2017 since past few days, it is always good to start (DO) now.

This article below is coming from one of my reading source:

Easier said then done because once you enter the corporate world its like being a hamster on the wheel and your speed is determined by the speed of the wheel and not your own choice! Something we all know, yet we love to blame it to the world around us. Performance pressure, pressure to get promoted every year, to get increments, to achieve your incentives, qualify to get rewards and recognition. All these so called motivators are focused on moving up the so called corporate ladder but what about the dilemma of work life balance? The ability to choose what to do, when to do and how much to do. How are we ever going to balance this?
Many feel that the only way to achieve this is to work very hard for few years of your life and then retire to a life style of choice. While this could be a good strategy, many never survive to get to the point of retirement and the ones who do get so bored because they got used to working hard, that their retirement activities put more pressure on them than what work did! Some work hard and then take a sabbatical to renew themselves and go back later and then find when they go back that they are competing for their jobs with younger contenders.
So what is the easy answer? Wish I had it because this may be the million dollar question of our times. However, if I look around some happy and successful people I see their focus was not to build a resume though incidentally that did happen as well. Their focus was to find something in life that makes them happy, makes them jump out of bed every morning and makes them dance and celebrate every small success.
I remember Steve Jobs address at Stanford specially the part where he says, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. This could be about building a life because this question is more powerful than will I get my incentive this quarter?
Some of you reading this may feel, its easy to think like this when you are Steve Jobs and while I do agree to that I am sure it is this question that made him Steve Jobs.
Let me share insights from my dear friend and a personal hero Navin Gulia who once told me that he believes disability is never in the body but in the mind, because if you decide you can, you can achieve anything. And he is living proof of this ideology because being on the wheel chair has not stopped him from traveling the world or scaling the peaks driving himself in his own customized car. He has build his life and his own brand working with the ones who need him the most. Corporations and institutions invite him to talk to their people about motivation and that by the way is a good resume too!
As another year comes to an end let’s invest in some of these thoughts for ourselves. Let’s all build a life and make this world worth living.

Well. This is one good & direct point to ponder, that I feel everyone should consider. I will try to put more times elaborating this condition in longer post, covering more perspective in more details. About LIFE. About what we forgot. About how LOST we have been.

Till next post. Get a life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Caring Hero

As written by Nurul Nabilah binti Mohd Nasir in her FaceBook....


*a child with a big heart*
I was touched. Just now I was pretending to cry in front of Alif. I was dazzled by his reaction.
Me: *insert crying sound*
Alif: Nape Ty Bell nangis?
Me: *keep on crying*
Alif: Abang ada, jangan nangis.
Me: *keep on crying*
Alif: Abang ada, jangan nangis. *while touching my shoulder*
Me: *keep on crying*
Alif: Abang ada, jangan nangis. *while touching my shoulder* Abang tengah makan ni. Abang ada. Jangan nangis okay?
Luluh jiwa raga. That's how I should treat him when he's crying, shouldn't add more tears.
Tompoq TomNoor Aziana Mohd Salleh, you own a big soul boy. (Naeim belum tunjuk bakat lagi).
Sungguh, bukan bila dah nikah, bukan bila dah ada anak baru nak amal doa yang dari surah Al Furqan ayat 74. Jom amalkan dari sekarang. Semoga Allah perkenankan doa kita. Aamiin.

Being away from Alif... Most of the time... But my wife always keep me updated with the stories of my boys... Alif always use that line "A'eim, jangan nangis, abang kan ada" to Naeim whenever his little brother cries... I heard it myself while driving on my way home with them few months back...
Yes, Alif now 2 years, 7months old... and that line has been use ince he started speaking a full sentence of 3-4 words... Alhamdulillah...
May Allah protect this Resident of Heaven and keep that noble heart unscratched... Amiin..

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Doa Langsai Hutang

“Seorang budak mukatab (yang mengadakan perjanjian pembebasan dengan tuannya) datang kepada Ali dan berkata; aku tidak mampu membayar pembebasanku, maka tolonglah aku! Ali berkata; mahukah aku ajarkan kepadamu beberapa kalimat yang telah Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam ajarkan kepadaku, yang seandainya engkau memiliki hutang sebesar gunung Shir nescaya Allah akan membayarkannya untukmu? Ali berkata; ucapkanlah;

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hadith Langsai Hutang

Suatu hari Rasulullah (saw) masuk ke dalam masjid, terdapat seorang lelaki Ansar yang dipanggil Abu Umamah r.a duduk di dalam masjid, Nabi (saw) bertanya kepadanya: Wahai Abu Umamah saya tidak pernah melihat engkau duduk di dalam masjid bukan waktu solat?

Jawab Abu Umamah r.a: Keluh-kesah dan hutang menimpaku wahai Rasulullah (saw).

Jawab Nabi (saw) : Mahukah kamu aku ajarkan beberapa kalimat, apabila engkau membacanya, Allah akan menghilangkan keluh-kesah dan melangsaikan hutangmu?

Beliau menjawab: sudah tentu wahai Rasulullah (saw).

Jawab Baginda (saw) : pada waktu pagi dan petang bacalah: Ya Allah, aku memohon perlindungan denganMu daripada keluh kesah dan kesedihan, rasa lemah dan kemalasan, Aku memohon perlindungan denganMu daripada sifat penakut dan kebakhilan, dan aku mohon perlindungan denganMu dari bebanan hutang dan dikuasai seseorang.

"Ya Allah, aku berlindung denganMu daripada dukacita dan rasa sedih; 
aku berlindung denganMu daripada lemah dan malas; 
aku berlindung denganMu daripada sifat pengecut dan bakhil; 
dan aku berlindung denganMu daripada bebanan hutang dan penindasan orang."

riwayat Abu Daud